The Necessity of Literacy in the Home

The Necessity of Literacy in the Home

Literacy is the ability to read and write which is vital in today’s society. Most of us have been exposed to it since we were toddlers with our parents teaching us our “ABC’s” and reading children’s books to us. As we grew up, our teachers took over and helped perfect our speech and handwriting.

I was one of those adolescents that hated reading. If I could get away with it I wouldn’t even read the required books for my English course. I would use a website that summarized the book chapter by chapter. I dreaded reading assignments! Where did this hatred of literacy come from?

I believe it came from the lack of visually seeing my parents read. While my mother had spurts of being dedicated to reading her bible, I can’t remember her reading an actual book. As adolescents I believe we learn by watching. Since I rarely ever seen my parents read, I created the notion that reading wasn’t important. This is why there is a need of literacy in the home.

As a parent, mentor and even older sibling we should make the effort to read and demonstrate the need for it. Now that I am older and on my own I have read several inspiring books that I would have never read without the change of mind set that took place in me.

Here are a few books I recommend, which are all easy reads:

-The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Man

-Who Stole My Cheese by Spencer Johnson M.D.

-Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson M.D.

-I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

I encourage you to pick up a book, read it and pass it on to inspire others.

Rebekah A. Dull, Scoliosis Surgery Survivor, CEO of My Life, and COO of My Dreams

Rebekah Dull is the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer at N.W & Associates, LLC. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, has left but always came back here. She is a Clark College graduate with her associates in Business Administration. Her goal is to provide nonprofits and small businesses with tools and resources they need to bring their companies to the next level. As a business strategist, she helps you identify the processes and procedures you use and how to improve them to reach your business goals. Rebekah also specializes in implementing a digital footprint strategy, including website design and social media marketing to bring brand awareness to your company, nonprofit and for-profit.