Does Your JOB Blind You?

If this is offensive to you, I apologize. My intent is to bring light something society dismisses. The privileged may say otherwise. Even though I’ve been privileged all my life, I still have hardships and have to fight for what I want.

So what does society dismiss? Simple. Poverty exists in our communities.

My community is in Vancouver, WA and homeless is a big problem.

We have a horrible stigma with poverty. We think it will bite us if we get too close. Or, someone in poverty is always begging. Or, people in poverty are lazy and don’t like to work. Well, those are all lies. I believe the answer to poverty lies with people that aren’t living their dreams and creating their businesses, organizations, or selling their product.

How many opportunities are we missing because of one person’s dream?

Pursuing Your Dream

Why don’t we live our dreams?

I really don’t believe it’s that hard to live my dream, but then again I had to un-learn everything I’ve been taught starting with having a “job.” When I was growing up, having a job used to be a good thing because it paid the bills, but now it’s been deteriorated to a throwaway commodity with higher qualifications and doesn’t pay a living wage. Yet, employers want them to be passionate about a job that doesn’t pay all of their bills.

Are you passionate about the work you do?

Most people aren’t working in a field within their passion. They are reduced to a job that barely or falls short of paying the monthly bills. Ironically, one of the acronyms for a JOB is “Just Over Broke.” A job pays an employee less than a livable wage, offers no insurance or benefits, and they’re expected to “ride or die” for the company. Sadly, most companies that offer jobs don’t offer the opportunities to pursue your dream. Employers believe an employee’s hard work will create opportunities for them, rather than presenting assistance.

Do you know hard workers that can barely pay their bills?

I believe it’s sad that we have so many people working a job and don’t have any means to buy enough food, afford better transportation, or a place to stay. I live in a town that has a small vacancy percentage, expensive monthly rent, and costly application fees. Surprisingly, I ran across people that I would have never guessed were homeless.

Why are we so blind?

Everyone is so blind with their own successes, we forget about helping one another reach their own success.

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA
Mr. Social Entrepreneur
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