A Motivational Speakers’ Guide – Who is Your Favorite?

Nowadays, finding a motivational speaker is easier than ever before with YouTube, social media, eBooks, and etc. To find a motivational speaker that fits YOUR personality is a little bit more challenging. Several motivational speakers can cater to one person in a way that makes complete sense, but the wrong one can make you feel like you’re listening to a shyster.

My advice is to find one you like and stick with them. Watch their videos, read their books, and subscribe to their email newsletter.

Be careful not to listen to more than one at a given time. Motivational speakers can come across the same at the surface level, but they’re not. Invest in learning their story.

In my opinion, it’s better to stick to one or two at a time.

For several years, I’ve acquired quite a few but I have taken my top 8 inspirational people and described their styles from my perspective and not any specific order:

1. Tony Robbins– can inspire anyone. Robbins doesn’t have a specific focus or specialty but speaks to the soul. His talks can be theoretical, but he’ll break it down to tangible and relevant circumstances in your life so you know where to take immediate action. For years, he’s been labeled the World’s #1 Motivational Speaker, but that was before the social media era.


2. John Maxwell– is a storyteller and a man of faith. Maxwell is an author at heart, well-read and a cheerleader. His speeches will inspire you using different inspirational figures’ messages and quotes. He’s a great collager of stories and believes in building up others.


3. Grant Cardone– is obnoxiously entertaining, but he cares. He dabbles in real estate, car sales, investments and consulting. Cardone can come off brash and joke too much with an explicit here and there, but gives great straight to the point action-oriented activity that leads to tangible results. He’s straight to the point motivator that enjoys making money.


4. Les Brown– will make you laugh while looking at your flaws. Brown has a great charming charismatic smile and a voice that keeps you on your toes. His colorful experience provides great entertainment while challenging you on your own obstacles. Brown was the very first motivational speaker I heard speak, and I was hooked ever since.


5. Zig Ziglar– the trailblazer of motivational speaking. I believe he was one of the first to start the profession. His words of inspiration are timeless. Ziglar’s quotes are the platform that will motivate future generations to come. He’s a great classic.


6. Brendon Burchard– is a motivational scientist. Burchard loves the processes of efficacy. He won’t leave any details behind and give you every opportunity to understand your potential. He wants you to be remembered for your life’s work and will tell you exactly what your “work” should be.


7. Jim Rohn– the granddaddy of motivation. His voice is unforgettable song playing in your consciousness. It is a magnetic pull that keeps you hanging on to every word. Rohn forces you to gain power over your circumstances and empowers you to believe your worth and value.


8. Yourself/Nathan A Webster (me)- is the best motivator ever. Within me, I find greatness. Within you, there is greatness, inspiration and motivation. The more and more I tap into myself, I discover a new jewel. Don’t ever disregard the value you bring to your potential.

As an honorable mention that tops the list in my opinion because ET came to support my Entrepreneur Day in 2018 for the Clark College Entrepreneur Program in Vancouver, WA. Dr. Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher, won the hearts of the masses with the Guru Story. Click here to check out an article ET spoke on entrepreneurship.

Believe in your dream.

Believe in yourself.

Believe you can do the impossible, and execute.

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA
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