Scared to Follow Your Heart

A simple misconception is that we all have dreams. An even more common misconception is that dreams are not attainable. Aren’t dreams multiple goals stringed together that requires dedication, commitment, and hard work? If the answer is yes then we should all be “living the dream.”

If you’re not living the dream, do you have a dream?

You’re reading this because you want to follow your heart!

To follow a dream is along the lines of following your heart. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Many people of all ages don’t know what their dream is.

Why is this?

Without dreams of something better than what you currently possess, attain, or achieve, life is less enjoyable.

Dream Big Community Center was started as a small goal with no identity, nor any money in the bank. We had very little supporters and a lot of naysayers, but it did not matter because our dream was to educate, encourage, and empower all age groups to pursue their dreams. Our passion is to help others live an enjoyable life by accomplishing their dreams.

We only exist because of the dedication and donations of the initial few that believed in us. However, little support was not what I envisioned. Not everyone supported us. Not every organization found us to have much merit. Not all of our peers found us to be a partner.

Here’s a guarantee- when you pursue this wholeheartedly, I promise that this will make up for all the negativity, rejection, and disappointment you have received. If you don’t believe me, sample your product/invention/service and tell me you didn’t have a euphoric feeling of accomplishment. Prove me wrong!

So far, I’ve never lost when the challenge is accepted by an inspired individual. Their motivation came from the heart. Their passion was not manufactured from someone or something else. They began to live their dream that was already rooted within their heart.

Do you accept the challenge of your heart?

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA
Mr. Social Entrepreneur
Consulting | Marketing | Websites

Author: nathanwebster
From a US Marine to nonprofit executive director, I've been fortunate to do a lot of stuff. My quick history is I’m a brand marketer with a background in social good. In the process of running a small educational nonprofit, I learned the value of storytelling and digital branding. That’s how I got involve in marketing, websites, consulting via my podcast as well, and being an adjunct business professor at the local community college.
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