Do You Sacrifice Your Dream Every Day?

If you’re reading this, I believe you’re like others out there on the wall of fear. Contemplating whether or not you’re making the right decision for your life. As the very first blog of my consulting career, I can totally understand the fear of starting.

Therefore, let’s approach your journey together and envision the following:

Imagine if you were offered a Limited Edition Lamborghini, 5-bedroom house, and $5,000,000, but you had to follow one simple condition- sacrifice one of your dearest pleasures for a season of time. Would you do it?

Maybe or maybe not, right?! We all have different goals and aspirations. Mine is not your and yours aren’t mine. Enough about me, let’s focus back on the Lambo, house, and money.

What if you did choose the three items, would you make the needed sacrifice?

We have all said at least once in our life:

  • “I want…”
  • “I desire…”
  • “I wish for…”
  • “if only”

What if we said:

  • “I gave up…”
  • “I sacrificed…”
  • “I left…”

In order to achieve, obtain, accomplish, or complete the desired outcome, we would all be in a much better and happier place. Unfortunately, that is not how we frame our goals or dreams.

Making the Sacrifice

Many of us make sacrifices every day for years at a time. Some sacrifices are for a lifetime, some are just for a season. Some knowingly accept the sacrifice, others sacrifice unknowingly the impact it’ll have or the aftermath.

To name off a few:

  • College – sacrifice personal freedom to gain a diploma
  • Marriage – sacrifice singleness to gain companionship
  • Military – sacrifice life to gain freedom and independence to a nation
  • Pregnancy – sacrifice physical physique to gain life
  • Self – sacrifice time to gain happiness
  • Entrepreneurship – sacrifice prestigious titles for personal freedom

I’m sure you’re familiar with at least one of the above items.

In the law of physics, what must go up must come down. In order to gain, sacrifice(s) will need to occur.

We fail to realize that success only comes to those who continuously pursue it. Your pursuit towards success should result in sheer tunnel vision to an isolated destination, without any outside distraction that may compromise your travels.

Making your Dream Come True

At the end of the day, can you say you’ve done all you could (aka, the sacrifices needed) to make your dream come true?

I’ve had to sacrifice many opportunities. However, I have no regrets.

My advice to you is to start being you. Stop waiting for the perfect time to jump on the “right opportunity” for YOU. No such thing. Stop waiting, and go for what is natural for you. There will be risk, fear, and liabilities; but nothing is ever guaranteed, so why not?!

This picture is of my first group of students I ever helped through Dream Big Community Center, which was my nonprofit organization in 2008 but started in 2004. It was an amazing feeling to see the smiles, watch a Portland Trail Blazer game, take the kids to be on a radio show, and have a ton of fun.  This program was the starting success of becoming a social entrepreneur.

Do you have a picture that embodies that sacrifice-to-success?

I write this because my business is personal because this service is for the advancement of all humanity. My failures and successes are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA
Mr. Social Entrepreneur
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